Pandit Javdekar Group: A Beacon of Social Responsibility

At Pandit Javdekar Group, we’ve always held a deep understanding of our social responsibility. Beyond our core business of constructing buildings and developments, we are firmly committed to making a tangible and lasting difference in the communities we serve. One shining example of our dedication to corporate social responsibility is our partnership with ‘Sarthak Seva Sangh,’ an organization focused on transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Pune.

This collaboration with ‘Sarthak Seva Sangh’ showcases a deep commitment to societal well-being. The organization initially engaged with parents from marginalized backgrounds living in dire conditions, educating them about the challenges their children faced. This trust-building phase led to heartwarming efforts, such as gathering these children in local parks, providing nourishment, playtime, and even shelter when needed. But the true transformation came when the Kudia family, backed by a dedication to philanthropy, acquired 50 acres of land in Pune’s Purandar taluka to establish a residential haven for these underprivileged children.
The residential project not only offers these children access to education but also nurtures their physical and emotional well-being through various outdoor activities. This commitment extends beyond academics, as the importance of honing other skills is recognized. Through the ‘India Khelega’ initiative, they provide training in sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, and table tennis. Moreover, they empower these youngsters with vocational training, equipping them with practical skills such as construction, welding, plumbing, and more. To ensure self-reliance, plans are in place for a professional training center that will offer full-time courses, setting these children on a path to stand proudly on their own feet.

The benevolence doesn’t stop there; separate hostels for boys and girls in Amble village have been constructed to provide for the daily needs of the children, including clothing and food. An appeal to the collective help of society is made to provide resources for these hostels and other initiatives aimed at the holistic development of disadvantaged students. This commitment to the ‘Sarthak Seva Sangh’ exemplifies an unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and a mission to create a brighter future for the underprivileged in Pune.