Anjali | Bhandarkar Road | Project by Pandit Javdekar

Anjali Project

Anjali was a splendid 96-year old bungalow, a majestic landmark of the Bhandarkar Road neighbourhood. Commissioned by Prof. Shripad Laxman Ajrekar and built by Purushottam Laxman Modak in 1926, Anjali was the epitome of stunning architecture, intricate detailing, inspiring craftsmanship and timeless construction.

Shaping Anjali’s new avatar was an exciting challenge, and Pandit Javdekar has carefully and aesthetically transformed Anjali into a modern-day marvel. Contemporary design includes an enchanting rooftop retreat and spacious homes with generous balconies, flooded with natural light and blessed with scenic views of the locality.

We have also retained some of Anjali’s timeless elements, incorporating them seamlessly into our new-age design. A shining example of our commitment to preserving the past while embracing the future.