A  Musical Evening with Amar Oak

Pandit Javdekar Builders, known for their unwavering commitment to culture and community, delighted everyone by hosting a mesmerizing musical event on June 4, 2022. This memorable evening featured the renowned flautist, Amar Oak, whose flute instrumental performance captivated the hearts of all attendees.

The event took place at the prestigious Gokhale Institute, providing a perfect backdrop for an enchanting musical experience. Pandit Javdekar Builders, not only celebrated their 20 years of excellence in the real estate industry but also showcased their dedication to promoting art and culture within the community.

Amar Oak’s soul-stirring flute melodies resonated through the venue, creating an ambience filled with enchantment and harmony. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all, as attendees were transported on a musical journey that transcended time and space.