At Pandit Javdekar, we transform passion and innovation into architectural excellence, ensuring each detail contributes to an extraordinary living experience.

Ongoing Projects

Anjali- Redevelopment projects in Pune

Our mission is to imbue old properties with a refined elegance, intricately weaving quality, empathy, and superior service into each project’s blueprint.

Redevelopment projects in Pune Yashodhan
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Discover the experiences of our residents, living the blend of modern elegance and timeless artistry in a Pandit Javdekar home.

Pandit Javdekar’s seamless process, top-notch quality, and welcoming environment make every day in our new home a true delight.

Mr. & Mrs. Deo

Pandit Javdekar’s blend of convenience, quality, and comfort creates a home that embraces us every day.

By Dr. Rajeev Dongare & Mrs. Jayashree Dongare

From purchase to perfection, Pandit Javdekar delivers. Quality construction and a cozy locality – it’s where we belong.

Dr. Sachin & Dr. Sheetal Hingmire

Pandit Javdekar made buying our dream home a breeze. Impeccable quality and a charming neighborhood truly make it feel like home.

Mr. & Mrs. Parchure

Residing here, we directly encounter the seamless fusion of creativity, excellence, and sincere assistance that epitomizes the Pandit Javdekar philosophy. It’s a firsthand encounter we cherish.

Mr. & Mrs. Vaidya

Being homeowners here, we experience the perfect amalgamation of artistic brilliance, top-notch quality, and heartfelt support that truly captures the essence of Pandit Javdekar. It’s an experience we deeply appreciate.

Mr. & Mrs. Lokhande, Cassia

Through living here, we experience firsthand the harmonious fusion of artistry, quality, and heartfelt service that epitomises the Pandit Javdekar ethos.

Mr. & Mrs. Bhide